Corporate Responsibility

Oppenheimer Development Corporation's (ODC) management and maintenance team is focused on sustainable business practices ensuring each project meets the highest green building and environmental performance measures. ODC is a partner with Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance, BetterBricks, Green Steps and Idaho Power to ensure all of the properties are operating at maximum efficiencies, while constantly reviewing and monitoring each property's performance to create more efficient methods of operating while not jeopardizing tenant comfort or satisfaction. ODC leverages its experience and partnerships providing recommendations for potential equipment upgrades with full analysis on present value pay-backs, potential rebate options, life-cycle costs, etc. to achieve these maximum efficiencies. All of ODC's property management and maintenance staff have been trained on best-practice initiatives for optimal building performance and tenant satisfaction.

We Choose to Take the Stairs


Create the highest standards of safety within all projects we own and develop as well as in all workplace environments.
Focus to reduce company-wide health risk factors established by wellness program results.
Growth and Engagement:
Promote life-long learning of our associates.


Waste and Resource Management:
Manage our own operations towards no adverse environmental impact.
Air Quality:
Increase employee use of alternative transportation methods to and from work.
Energy Efficiency:
Incorporate best practices in all facets of business to minimize overall energy consumption.


Community Giveback:
Increase employee awareness and participation in community programs (i.e. United Way, Learning Lab, American Heart Association, etc.)
Return on Investmant:
Continue to invest, develop and provide products and services to aid in the success of our employees, customers, and owners.
Build a lasting legacy through deeply committed and trusting relationships.